About UltraProg

    Development of this tool started in 2009 and target was to summarize several smaller electronic projects, software and hardware level into an all-in-one complex tool. Main direction become Airbag SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) ECU (Electronic Control Unit) repairing, crash data and DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) clearing in the memory of ECU's. 

    Please note, this tool is not diagnostic tool, it is not able to use as diagnostic interface, can't connect to car directly, it has no CAN bus or any other wired automotive protocol support.

     This tool is able to read out the memory content of many commercial EEPROM or micro controller devices, and change the contents of binary files on your PC then write back to the target device. You have to remove the ECU circuit from the car, and work with it on your bench.  

     Users point of view, we planned to create an easy to use tool, where the most expensive thing "the work time" of user shall minimize. Of course without basic electronic and components understanding the tool is not useful. At least the user shall understand what is "EEPROM", "micro controller", and manual soldering experience is the key of the success.

     UltraProg can give all items into your hand, but please keep in your mind: when you touch an ECU, you touch a vehicle component, which is responsible of HUMAN SAFETY PROTECTION while car is on the roads. So your responsibility is also high, your technical experience and ability is absolutely recommended. Please note,  not every ECU can repair and use again, sometimes need scrap the ECU, and put a replacement one. 

     Also very important to use the tool only for lawful operations. Please deeply check your own country rules, before you start any work with vehicle components, and do not use for criminal issues hiding, mileage or any counters recalibration. Kindly I ask please read the EULA "End User License Agreement" before work.

So Take Care, and Good Luck!