21.06.2024 - Will be on HOLIDAY from 26th of June until 8th of July. In this period no answer on e-mails and messages, and no satisfy orders, even software update, even tool deliveries. 

Last orders shipping date and subs. update before holidays is 26.06.2024

First orders shipping date and subs. update before holidays is 08.07.2024

Thank you for your patience.

17.06.2024 V37.0 is available now

10.06.2024 PINOUTS page is refreshed with EEPROM location images

24.05.2024 V36.9 is available now

14.05.2024. V36.8 is available now

21.04.2024. V36.7 is available now

01.04.2024. V36.6 is available now

10.03.2024. V36.5 is available now

25.02.2024. V36.4 is available now

28.01.2024. V36.3 is available now

07.01.2024 Please see our distributors page, added 1 new distributor from Cyprus who also covers Greece area.

03.12.2023 V36.2 is available:

Wiring images and EEPROM location photos database reached 60%

09.11.2023 V36.1 is available now, please see news page for details.

17.10.2023 V36.0 is available now, please see news page for details.

17.09.2023 V35.9 is available now, please see news page for details.

27.08.2023 V35.7 is available now, please see news page for details.

14.08.2023 V35.6 is available now, please see news page for details.

24.07.2023 V35.5 is available now, including new firmware, with improved reading writing speed of 24C and M95 (25C) EEPROM devices, and more ECU's and images addition.

02.07.2023. V35.4 is available now, including Renesas H8SX R5F61725 UART device programmer

01.06.2023 Spring promotion ended by 1st of July 2023.

22.05.2023 V35.3 is available now, please see news page for details.

21.05.2023 Renesas H8SX (R5F61725) device programmer development is on going, coming soon!

12.05.2023 Spring promotion started 15% on EVERYTHING.

01.05.2023 V35.2 is available now, see news page for details.

09.04.2023 V35.0 is available now, see news page for details.

26.03.2023 V34.9 is available now, see news page for details.

12.03.2023 V34.8 is available now, see news page for details.

26.02.2023 V34.7 is available now, see news page for details.
12.02.2023 V34.6 is available now, see news page for details.
29.01.2023 V34.5 is available now, see news page for details.
15.01.2023. V34.4 is available now, see news page for details.
30.12.2022 V34.3 is available now, HAVE GREAT END OF YEAR HOLIDAYS!
27.11.2022 V34.1 is available now, see news page for details.
07.11.2022 V34.0 is available now, see news page for details.
24.10.2022 V33.9 is available now, see news page for details.
2.10.2022 V33.8 is available now, see news page for details.
18.9.2022 V33.7 is available now, see news page for details.
5.9.2022 V33.6 is available now, see news page for details. Also V1 and V2  cables sections are updated, with new wiring images.
User's manual is updated too, V2.00 is available now in dowloads section.

21.08.2022 V33.5 is available now, see news page for details

11.08.2022 - PINOUTS page is changed a lot, and countinously uploading wiring images for V2 cables and V1 (1st generation cables) too. If you find empty pages or missing item, still you can refer to software database, or send your inquiry.

21.07.2022 - Will be on holidays from 6th of August 2022 to 22nd of August 2022 In this period can't deliver orders, can't make software licenses, and e-mails may not answered too. Thank you for your patience.

11.07.2022 - V33.3 is available now, see news page for details

19.06.2022 - V33.1 is available now, see news page for details.

30.05.2022 - V33.0 is available now, see news page for details.

15.05.2022 - V32.9 is available now

25.04.2022 -V32.8 is available now, with huge wiring images update.

10.04.2022 - V32.7 is available now, see NEWS page for details.

30.03.2022 Raw material shortage is solved by alternative source, we can organize deliveries from tomorrow, 31st of March.

27.03.2022 Worldwide raw material shortage is reached us. One of components even ordered 20 weeks ago, is not arrived yet to me, the forecast is to receive them by next week. Due to this reason interface (full kit) deliveries by next week is not possible. Little patience please! Planned delivery date is 3rd of April. Accessories, cables and software orders will satisfy as normal way. 

20.3.2022 - V32.6 is available now.

10.03.2022 We are not available from today until 15h of march due to holidays. Webshop is available, but first shipping of orders is 16th of March. Thank you for your patience.

06.03.2022 - V32.3 is available now, with SPC56AP54 additon, more ECU's and more wiring images, clear fixes, as usual.

20.02.2022 - V32.1 is available now by more ECU's addition, more wiring images update, and by 2 important clear fixes.

06.02.2022 - V32.0 is available now with Renesas R8C (R5F2154xx) microcontrollers family device programmer addition, including some Honda and Suzuki devices integration, which belongs to R8C family. Please see NEWS page for details.

26.01.2022 - V31.8 is released now by V2 cable features, and more added ECU's and wiring images.

12.01.2022 - Due to cables production is in progress, we can ship out next orders only by next monday 17th of January. Little patience please.

09.01.2022 - V31.7.264.417 is released now

05.01.2022 New generation V2 cables are released now, you can read about them on the NEWS page

03.01.2022 V31.6 is available now. 

- Optimized Photos database- Fixed an issue, when Renesas R7F devices FLASH area writing failed by Erase Error 0x13- Fixed an issue, when software crashed, during long files verification, larger than 256Kbytes- Fixed an issue, when drag and drop Renesas R7F FLASH files, but writing button were not enabled- Fixed Renesas R7F devices "write difference" function. Very useful, when long files write, it will write only the changed FLASH BLOCKS, can do after device read, and new file loaded

12.12.2021 V31.5 is release now including regular ECU and wiring images database updates. See news page for details.

28.11.2021 V31.4 is release now including regular ECU and wiring images database updates.

14.11.2021 V31.3 is released

2.11.2021 PINOUTS page is just refreshed 

1.11.2021. V31.2 is released now, with more ECU' and huge wiring images update. See NEWS page for details.

17.10.2021. V31.1 is released now with more ECU and huge wiring images update. See NEWS page for details.

3.10.2021. V31.0 is released now with more ECU and huge wiring images update. See NEWS page for details.

19.9.2021. V30.9 is released now with more ECU and huge wiring images update.

5.9.2021. V30.8 is released now with more ECU and huge wiring images update. 

22.8.2021. V30.7 is released now with more ECU and huge wiring images update. 

7.8.2021. V30.6 is released now with more ECU and huge wiring images update.

30.07.2021. Webshop currency is changed to EUR, because many users's asked, and this is more harmonised to European Union VAT regulations. In webshop now 2 buy options created, "including VAT" and "VAT free". Please place your order according to your business style, and please provide your EU VAT number if available, for cheaper prices. I created a summary document, please study here, or download  below, which option is best for you. In shortly: from 1st of July 2021 everybody shall pay VAT or TAX somehow.

21.7.2021 Some users have issue with USB drivers. Reason is Windows changed something, and need install new drivers of FTDI Chip. You can get it from maker website here , or from downloads area. Please reinstall FTDI drives, and all shall be OK again.

18.7.2021. V30.5 is available now with more ECU additions, and huge update of wiring images.

9.7.2021. V30.4 is available now, with sudden request of customer, and added MC68HC912DG128 EEPROM area reader/programmer.

4.7.2021. V30.3 is released now, see news page for details

20.6.2021. V30.2 is released now, see news page for details. 

06.06.2021. V30.1 is released now ith more ECU's and wiring images addition.

29.05.2021. V30.0 is released now, with Renesas R7F701A223 device programmer, and related Honda ECU's wiring and clear solutions, and more ECU's and wiring images addition.

22.05.2021. V29.9 is released now. Also please study latest Excel worksheet of devices here, which now upgraded with hyperlinks connected to UltraProg folder, and helps to see wiring images, and notes, quickly. 

16.5.2021 V29.8 is released now, dee details at news page here.

2.05.2021 V29.7 is released now, with more ECU and wiring images adding.

22.04.2021 V29.5 is released now, with more ECU and wiring images adding

11.04.2021 V29.3 is available now, with more ECU and wiring images adding, and few minor features changes. See details here

27.03.2021 V29.0 is available now, with more ECU and wiring images adding, and few minor features changes. See details here

20.03.2021. V28.9 is available now, with more ECU and wiring images adding. See details here

18.2.2021. New, up to date DEMO is uploaded now to DOWNLOADS area, here

13.03.2021. V28.8 is available now. Still working on MC9S12XD devices programmer. Main FLASH area reading is ready now, writing is not stable, so not released yet.

While working I made a release with new firmware, and new ECU and wiring images additons.

27.02.2021 V28.6 is available now
- New firmware required v1.67
- Added MC9S12Axxx and MC9S12Dxxxx devices FLASH memory area programmer

13.2.2021 V28.5 is available now with more ECU and more wiring image additions.

8.2.2021 V28.4 is available now

29.1.2021 V28.3 is available now, with ECU and image additions.

24.1.2021 V28.2 is aavailable now with Added Renesas R7F701A033 device programmer, and with more ECU additions, witing images and fixes. Please see details at news page.

16.1.2021 V28.1 is available now, with ECU's and images additions, and with some fixes.

15.1.2021 Google and Norton Safe Web now confirmed statement of website and uploaded contents. All are safe and not harmful. 

14.1.2021 V28.0 is available now and fixed issue with digital signature.
Internet browsers are indicated in past few days, website is harmful and not trustable, due to digital signatures issue on uploaded contents. Now all of them are signed, including excel and PDF files too, so hopefully soon disappear all messages. When you will install V28.0, you will see my name as Publisher. All of my computers cleaned by Norton360, so all uploaded contents are clean from any virus. Now going to deal with Google to remove the "harmful" stamp of website. Little patience please, "Google seach console security" already informed about changes, and it says may takes few weeks to recover...

10.1.2021 V27.9 is availabe now

4.1.2021 V27.8 is available now, where all ECU numbers are reviewed, added maker part numbers, maker names, and renamed all work folders
and same time duplicated ECU numbers are removed, in hope ECU search become much easier.
Of course the excel devices list get organised too and now much pretty, and helps also in device search. You can download here.

1.1.2021 We wish HAPPY NEW YEAR with health, success, and work! Webshop stock is adjusted, can place orders now. Still kept 2020 year prices for few weeks, we do fair play with potential buyers who missed at end of last year, now can get on 2020 price.
 I wish for all members Happy holidays by end of 2020! I'm also not available in coming 2 weeks, and restart to work by 2nd of January. Webshop going to open by 2nd of January, orders shipping date is 4th of January. See you and work together also in 2021! 

19.12.2020 V27.7 is available now with ECU additions, bug fixes, and with ECU wiring images.

14.12.2020 Please note TeamViewer is available for users support if you have any issue. I can access remotely to your PC, and check problems.

08.12.2020 Let me inform you, the winter holidays period start from 19th of December 2020. 1st working day in 2021 become 2nd of January. In holiday period we pick up pre orders, but invoicing and delivery will be stopped, first shipping date is 4th of January.

29.11.2020 V27.6 is available with Few ECU and wiring image additions.

27.11.2020 V27.5 is released now, with bugfix on MC9S12XDP512

26.11.2020 CREDIT CARD payment is available from today on the website, via STRIPE provider. You can use Master Card, or VISA. I hope become more familiar than PayPal. Soon going to setup different fees for paypal, credit card and bank transfer, after getting experience.

26.11.2020 V27.4 is available now with 10pcs more ECU addition, and 7 more EEPROM location images.

24.11.2020 V27.3 is released now, with few wiring images addition and ECU fixes.

22.11.2020 V27.2 is available now with 10 new ECU addition, and EEPROM location images. Excel based devices lsit is available at downloads page, over 2200pcs ECU's now.

09.11.2020 V27.1 is released now. It has a bugfix for Renesas R7F devices writing.

04.11.2020 Year 2021 news. To avoid misunderstanding, and claims, let me announce price changes from 2021:

- Annual Subscription fee change from 100GBP to 120GBP. 

- Old returning users need pay 200GBP at first time. Website running 3 years ago, that is 3 years subscription, equal 300GBP. Unfair to give the subscription for 100GBP only, where others pay annually same amount.

- If someone does not renew his subscription in the 13th month, we will negotiate on the price by monthly base. For exaple if someone not subscribed for 18 months, he has to pay 180GBP, but over 2 years no need to pay more than 240GBP!

- Full kit price change from 370GBP to 399GBP

- Basic kit price change from 290GBP to 299GBP

Reason of changes are Paypal, Bank, delivery companies and raw material makers all increase the prices sharply, and all these prices include in sales price. 

Thank you for your understanding.

29.10.2020-V26.9 is released with 5 different Suzuki SPC560P50 clears, a Hyundai DELPHI with MC68HC908AS60 and Kia 95910-F1100. All of 3 types has wiring image too.

25.10.2020-V26.8 is available now with more SPC560P50 clear updates, added devices and added wiring diagrams.

17.10.2020-V26.7 is available now with 4pcs new National Semi CR16 microcontroller programmers, like CR16MCT5, CR16MCT9, CR16HCT5, CR16HCT9, and added wiring diagram for Mercedes ECU fited with CR16MCT9.

Also Fixed some SPC506P50 clear solutions for Smart and Hyundai ECU's.

11.10.2020-V26.6 is available now with SPC560P50 clears improvement on several Citroen, Dacia and Renault units.

29.08.2020-V26.5 is available, where a customer found an issue with own database using, and a bug on the own database picture loadings. Now all fixed I think, please confirm.

28.08.2020-V26.4 is available.

Fixed an issue with MC68HC908AS60 and HC08 family read/write problems. Now not only XTAL speed, but connection "baud rate" can select form menu, and manually can input ANY BAUD VAULE to boot up your device. For example Hyundai Delphi 95910-2D500 MC68HC908AS60 baud rate is 8064, with 4MHz oscillator. Soon going to upload wiring diagram.

20.09.2020-V26.3 is released now, with ECU additions and EEPROM photos

16.09.2020-V26.2 is out now, with some bug fixes, and added wiring photos

13.09.2020 User's manual is updated with some deails of V850 and RH850 devides, expanded with National CR16 progrmmer details, and added a new chapter about 3,3V powered Renesas controllers operation. the new manual can get from DOWNLOADS area, and external power on instructions available also at PINOUTS page.

12.09.2020-V26.1 is available now, with 10pce ECU addition, and wiring images + EEPROM location photos. See details at NEWS page

06.09.2020-V26.0 DEMO version is out now and available in DOWNLOADS section. This release is not working with interface after purchase a tool, but demonstrate all devices and operation.

29.08.2020-V26.0 is available, with 12 new ECU addition, and 13 ECU fixes. See news page for details of this release.

26.08.2020-V25.9 is available
- Fixed writing of Renesas R7F (RH850) devices
- Added write delay time option for Renesas RH850 and V850 devices
- Added control of "comma" "." or "," by different regional settings

30.7.2020 - Some wiring images uploaded to the website, and same images added to the software.

29.7.2020 - V25.7 is available with huge pack of Renesas microcontrollers. 42pcs V850 devices are added: uPD70F3372 uPD70F3373 uPD70F3374 uPD70F3375 uPD70F3376 uPD70F3377 uPD70F3378 uPD70F3379 uPD70F3380 uPD70F3381 uPD70F3382 uPD70F3383 uPD70F3384 uPD70F3385 uPD70F3610 uPD70F3611 uPD70F3612 uPD70F3612 uPD70F3614 uPD70F3615 uPD70F3616 uPD70F3617 uPD70F3618 uPD70F3619 uPD70F3620 uPD70F3621 uPD70F3622 uPD70F3623 uPD70F3625 uPD70F3626 uPD70F3627 uPD70F3628 uPD70F3629 uPD70F3630 uPD70F3631 uPD70F3632 uPD70F3633 uPD70F3634 uPD70F3635 uPD70F3636 uPD70F3637 uPD70F3638

New supported devices list is available in downloads section.

22.7.2020 - V25.6 is released now. Renesas V850 devices are started to expand. Added 2 more controllers are added, uPD70F3370 and uPD70F3371 with Code and Data FLASH access, and uPD70F3624 is also expanded by Code flash Reader and writer. Soon more V850 devices from uPD70F3xxxx family going to follow, as usual the first step is hard.

4.7.2020 - V25.3.135.262 is released now. It is an update of Device specific notes files, added required Cable(lead) of each ECU and Microcontroller. Also Devices Excel list is contains from now on Cable/Socket advises. At same time fixed some issues, when memory device was not loaded with ECU, and it was not possible to load external files.

28.6.2020 - V25.3 is available now to download.
14.6.2020 - PROMOTION is started for full kit and basic kit. See UltraProg Full kit here
8.6.2020 - V25.1 is available now with Device search function. You can input an ECU number or part of it, and software will list out similar ones and on clicking move you to the location. It was inquiry from some users, so hopefully other people will like it too. Please use new LANGUAGE files, because additional contents are available due to search function.
5.6.2020 - A mini tool is created for old resubscribing members who doesn't know their interface ID and serial number. With the application, you can read out the interface details. See it here. 
01.06.2020 - V24.9 is released now:
- V1.61 FIRMWARE update is mandatory, please proceed.

31.05.2020 - V24.8 is released now: 
Added 1pce Renesas microcontroller programmer R7F7010643

Added 7pcs National Semicon microcontroller programmer: CR16HCS9 CR16MAR5 CR16MAS5 CR16MAS9 CR16MBR5 CR16MCS5 CR16MCS9

Users manual V1.70 and V24.8 device chart is available at downloads area.

29.5.2020 - V24.7 is important update, please upgrade firmware to v1.59. (v1.58 skipped some device read/write functions during in RH850 development)

28.5.2020 - V24.6 is available now with huge Renesas R7F (RH850) devices addition. This is not all, more will follow:

- R7F7010023AF- R7F7010033AF- R7F7010063AF- R7F7010073AF- R7F7010083AF- R7F7010093AF- R7F7010103AF- R7F7010113AF- R7F7010123AF- R7F7010133AF- R7F7010143AF- R7F7010153AF- R7F7010163AF- R7F7010173AF- R7F7010183AF- R7F7010193AF- R7F7010203AF- R7F7010213AF- R7F7010223AF- R7F7010233AF- R7F7010243AF- R7F7010253AF- R7F7010283AF- R7F7010293AF- R7F7010303AF- R7F7010323AF- R7F7010333AF- R7F7010343AF- R7F7010403AF- R7F7010413AF- R7F7010423AF- R7F7010433AF- R7F7010443AF- R7F7010453AF- R7F7010463AF- R7F7010473AF- R7F7010483AF- R7F7010493AF- R7F7010503AF- R7F7010513AF- R7F7010523AF- R7F7010533AF- R7F7010543AF- R7F7010553AF- R7F7010563AF- R7F7010573AF

2.5.2020 - V24.5 is available now with more ECU additions and 3 Clear fixes. See NEWS page for details.
24.4.2020 - V24.4 is available now with more Hyundai, Kia and Land Rover ECU additions. 

04.04.2020 - V24.3 is available now with 12 more ECU addition, and with more wiring images.

03.04.2020 - Some more Ford and Hyundai (MC68HC11E20) wiring images are uploaded.

24.03.2020 - Some Ford wiring images are uploaded and changed

19.03.2020 - Some wiring images are uploaded to PINOUTS page.

17.03.2020 - User's manual is updated, and V1.60 is available to download from webpage. I hope helps a little.

08.03.2020 - V24.1 Users asked more simplified software layout, so Buttons positions are changed in the software. 

Also Italian language pack is available now, thanks for translation of a kind user.

28.02.2020 - V24.0 is released with added ECU's, more wiring diagrams and new image viewer features. You can open the wiring image indicated by software in your default picture viewer by mouse left click  to enlarge photos and zoom if need, and if more images available, step by right mouse click. Hope it helps more in wiring images watching. 

16.02.2020 - V23.8 is released with more added ECU's and new binary files automatic backup feature. 

12.02.2020 - V23.7 is released, due to a bugfix on XC2361B-40F JTAG writing.

25.01.2020 - V23.6 is available now in members area. Details can see in news page (Added 14 ECU and fixed algo for 4 more).

15.01.2020 - Uploaded to pinouts area 4 new wiring diagrams for various ECU.

27.12.2019 - V23.5 is available now in members area. Details can see in news page (Added 10 ECU).

I recommend to all users to subscribe on newsletter. Subscription is not automatic, if interesting you have do it in 2 steps HERE, by yourself. 

1st step is agreement of GDPR rules, 2nd page you have to give your e-mail address.

1.12.2019 - V23.3 is available now in members area. Details can see in news page.

24.11.2019 - V23.2 is available now with SPC56AP54 JTAG reader / writer addition

17.11.2019 - Some JTAG wiring images are uploaded to the PINOUTS page.

08.11.2019 - V23.1 is available now with ECU additions and some clear algo changes. See details in news page.

28.10.2019 - Ford AB39-14B321-CE JTAG wiring for XC2361B-40F is uploaded to pinouts page.

25.10.2019 -V23.0 is available now, with new ECU additions and Infineon XC2361B-40F reader.

12.10.2019 - V22.9 is available now, with new ECU additions.

KIA 95910-F1000 JTAG wiring for XC2361A-72F and 

Volvo P31429510 JTAG witing for XC2361A-72F are uploaded to pinouts area.

28.09.2019 - V22.8 is available now, with new ECU additions.

26.09.2019 - V22.7 is available now. It is a small bugfix release and some minor changes made based on users request.

31.08.2019 - V22.6 is available now to download from members area. Available v22.6 excel device list.

Ford 2013 year wiring image is uploaded to PINOUTS area. 

28.08.2019 Renesas cable is available in webshop, if someone need.

17.08.2019 - V22.4.74.168 Renesas uPD70F3624 programmer is available now. New cable is required, you can download the schematics from here 

Firmware update is also required for new feature, please upgrade to V1.56 before start to use Renesas programmer. 

Just uploaded a Peugeot 624 92 60 00 ECU wiring diagram to pinouts page especially for uPD70F3624 wiring.

05.08.2019 - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is just updated, recommended to study by potential or existing members.

02.08.2019 - V22.3.72.164 is available now with new features

1.) Many users asked a feature, like: "at ECU selection, when click on ECU device name why not loading EEPROM or MCU into programmer tab"?  Now this request is implemented, can use by V22.3, after 2500 program lines changing on the software. 

2.) HEX editor is expanded with up to 8 bytes HEX string finder option. You can search now for typical memory contents easily even you need to find only 1 byte or maximum 8 bytes string.

NEW PAGE is available on website, called "PINOUTS". Many users asking easy diagrams, to wire up their ECU circuits. Become hard to indicate in good quality under image tab of the software, so High Quality photos going to upload to website HERE 

20.07.2019 - Reached 2000 supported ECU devices

20.07.2019 - V22.2.70.160 is available now with updates and requested clear algo changes.

09.07.2019 - V22.1.70.158 is available now with updates and requested clear algo changes.

Also JTAG cable wiring diagram is changed, added one wire for 12V power from Ultraprog PIN12 to target ECU. New diagram see here. 

30.06.2019 - V22.0.66.151 is released with 2 new JTAG microcontroller reader and writer

- Infineon XC2336A-56F
- Infineon XC2336A-72F

28.06.2019 - V21.9.66.151 is released now with 16 new ECU addition, and 10 bug fixes.

18.06.2019 - V21.8.62.147 contains new firmware, where XC2336B-40F writing is fixed. Please use v1.55 firmware.

9.6.2019 - V21.8 is released now. Worked a lot on SPC560P50 clears, and I fixed them with some new additions.

3.6.2019 - Delivery fee now including in all items price, and delivery is free for Software Subscription.

23.05.2019 - 21.7.x.x is released now and available to download

08.05.2019 - NEW DEMO is available to download

It is recommended to see contents for potential buyers before issuing order, because some old features are removed, and disappear in next releases forever.

*Shipping costs just updated, DHL become cheaper, from 55GBP decreased to 33GBP.

But regular post increased from 20GBP to 22GBP, so reasonable to apply DHL, difference is really not significant. Above prices valid for full kit in EU and USA, for smaller packages please ask for quote. Also in EU the Portugal delivery fees are higher than others, please consider. Other countries please also ask for delivery fees, before place an order.

* 14.04.2019 V21.4.xx.xxx is available to download at members area, see details of update at NEWS page. Supported devices Excel worksheet available at DOWNLOADS page.   

* 31.03.2019 V21.3.39.109 is available to download at members area, see details of update at NEWS page. Supported devices Excel worksheet available at DOWNLOADS page.  

* 10.03.2019 V21.2.33.98 is available to download at members area, see details of update at NEWS page. Supported devices Excel worksheet available at DOWNLOADS page. 

*7.03.2019 Just added a page about Payment, Invoicing and Delivery most frequently asked questions, may useful for any member or visitor. Please see here. 

* 02.03.2019 V21.1.32.96 is available to download at members area, see details of update at NEWS page. Supported devices Excel worksheet available at DOWNLOADS page.

*Just I put v17.3.8.0 version into the downloads area, for old users, if someone need

* 17.02.2019 V21.0.26.84 is available to download at members area 

* 09.02.2019  UltraProg website is open now, latest news and updates going to release here.

Forum is not available, if you have any question, please mail me to info@ultraprog.eu

* 02.02.2019 V20.9.25.82 is available to download at members area