Please see an example, how to power up and wire by 5V an ST Micro SPC560P50 device by external power source for the cae, when UltraProg disconnect due to overload of internal 5V regulator

(Citroen Opel Peugeot made by CONTINENTAL)

Please see an example, how to power up and wire a 3,3V RENESAS RH850 device by external power source     (Suzuki Continental 38910-52R00(A2C99630404) R7F7010123)

Please see an example, how to power up and wire an 5V 9S12 device by external power source                                                                                   (Volvo Continental 30724652 MC9S12DG128)


CHEVROLET 13583458(A2C34411100) MC9S12XDT384 wiring

Landrover Continental AH22-14D374-AG (NNW502436) wiring

Mazda BHS2-57K30A XC2361A-56F JTAG WIRING

JAGUAR CX23-14D374-AD XC2361A-56F, Landrover DK62-14D374-AG XC2361A-56F AUTOLIV JTAG WIRING

NISSAN JTAG WIRING 98820-4EH0x for XC2336B-40F

SUZUKI CONTINENTAL 38910-54P00(A2C80747703) 38910-61M01(A2C80745404) WIRING for SPC560P50

Renault Continental 985107400R or 985101389R JTAG wiring

Renault Opel Fiat Continental 985106142R SPC560P50 JTAG wiring

Kia Continental 95910-C8200 SPC560P50 JTAG wiring

SMART Continental 985107805R or 985103006R JTAG wiring

Honda 77960-TLA-E220-M4 JTAG wiring for SPC56AP54

Volkswagen Continental 5Q0959655A JTAG wiring for SPC560P50

Opel 13 597 092 JTAG wiring for SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TF0-E840-M3 JTAG wiring for SC66705ML

JLR GJ23-14D374-AB JTAG wiring for XC2361A-72F

Ford AB39-14B321-CE JTAG wiring for XC2361B-40F

Volvo P31429510 P31387534 JTAG wiring for XC2361A-72F

KIA 95910-F1000 and Fxxxx JTAG wiring for XC2361A-72F

KIA 95910-F1070 and JTAG wiring for XC2361A-72F

HONDA 77960-T1G-E940-M4 JTAG Wiring SPC560P50

Ford Raptor JL3T-14B321-CB XC2336A-72F JTAG WIRING

Ford Transit BK3T-14B321-AD XC2336A-72F JTAG wiring

FORD 2013 Year JTAG wiring Infineon XC23xxx (4x blue points connect together)

FORD 2015 Year JTAG wiring Infineon XC2336A-72F  (4x blue points connect together)

 FIAT 500 CONTINENTAL 51943893(A2C53428634) 51964430(A2C53428634)JTAG WIRING SPC560P50

Peugeot or Citroen 624 92 60 00 or 620 64 46 00 etc with RENESAS uPD70F3624

HYUNDAI 95910-2C200 MC68HC11E20 (Mask set 4E82K) wiring

AUDI 8Z0959655E MC68HC912B32 wiring

HYUNDAI DELPHI 95910-2D500(09384969) MC68HC908AS60