1st generation Cables

If you have 1st generation cables, where labels has text like: 

WITHOUT SUFFIX, please look around for pinouts here.

What was the problem of 1st generation cables?
1st generation cables are use 5V output received from the UltraProg interface system. If you connect these cables to the interface, maybe they overload the 5V regulator and due to 5V regulator's internal protection circuit, will power off the hardware and disconnect the software. Also in many cases due to low current capability of voltage regulator, its may overheat, and power off the interface few minutes later, and not complete the work. Thel interface will not operate for 5-10minutes, while it is not cool down. 

1st generation cables do not have 3,3V output at all, many cases (high current 5V or 3,3v) targets need use external power supply which is problematic and confuse the users. Here you can find advised for external power supply using.

Please note: 1st generation cables and V2 cables are COMPATIBLE in pins, except the extra wires and features, applied in V2 generation. If you can find all color points of the wiring image, please connect all of them, and you can work. 

If 3,3V point or EXT POWER notification can see on wiring image, you have to use external power supply, here we explain how. That is the main difference.

Also please note, some 1st generation cables GND point is PINK color, which is equal BROWN GND wire. PINK = BROWN