Privacy Policy

Privacy policy rules in summary, easily

- The personal data what you share about yourself at website registration or order time is stored at website, where the website provider is webnode. Webnode is not accessing to your data just store them.

- Your personal data is used for invoice creation, and all data what is required for delivery will give to DHL including e-mail and phone number too.

-  Your e-mail will use for newsletter notifications which provider is MailChimp. You can unsubscribe easily, if you don't want get website notifications, or want delete private data.

- If you make payment with PayPal, your private data will come over to me also via PayPal.

- If you use Bank Transfer for payment, bank can see also communication between us, but I keep confidential your account data.

- UltraProg will not share your private information to 3rd party, except above, or if local TAX office is asking for invoices checking etc.

- The ECU data what you give to UltraProg is may shared by 3rd party without your approval, but ECU data, even contains VIN number, not equal personal information.