Download the latest demo version, and try out without any obligation.

Download the latest user's manual, to see operation in advance.

Download the latest supported devices list in Excel format

You can use an old version v17.3.8.0 or earlier release to get your interface details if you are interesting in upgrade. 

Just take a screenshot for me when the settings TAB is selected, and I can see your registered name (16 letters and/or numbers) and Serial number like RSxxxxxx (2 letters and 6 numbers) Above 2 information is the key of upgrade. 

If you lost your old UltraProg software please download below mini tool, which can read out your interface details and attach them into an e-mail.


If you need, you can download the Windows 32 or 64 bit drivers of FTDI chip from here, but please visit maker's website, if you need more details. 

New drivers released by FTDI at 15th of July 2021, please get from here:

UltraProg Uninstaller

If you want remove UltraProg due to any reason, and it doesn't disappear from the list of "Apps & Features" please use this remover tool: Temporarily unavailable

Cable schematics

Even all cable schematics are availabe in UltraProg\Documentation\ folder please see them in here too. 

These parts easy to make or repair by yourself, if you follow the attached diagrams.