V2 Cables

If you have new generation cables, where labels has text like: 
9S12 V2

please look around for pinouts here.

What V2 cables can do, compared to 1st generation cables?
All V2 cables has voltage regulators inside 5V 1500mA, and all JTAG V2 and RENESAS V2 cables has bulit in 3,3V 1000mA regulators too. 
By these hardwares you don't have to use external power supply for high current consumption targets and you will have on hand 3,3V circuit for ST Micro SPC560Px and Renesas RH850 family microcontrollers.
Also V2 cables doesn't overload the interface's internal system 5V anymore, they use separated power source, so software and hardware freeze will not happens anymore. All items in webshop equipped by V2 cables since year 2022.