1.) Mandatory to upgrade the firmware when you change from v17.3.8.0 or older version

2.) Be sure, on which port is connected your interface. Better to see in Device manager after connection under Ports (COM & LPT) USB serial port (COMXX)

3.) Shall uninstall the previous version.

You can use UltraProg uninstaller

If you have remove or install error, please try to use this windows fix


4.) Please download and install the latest version.

5.) Run UltraProg and select the same port in dropdown box as seen in device manager.

6.) Now Available firmware version shall visible in window, like v1.53

7.) Click upgrade firmware button (if wrong port selected, firmware upgrade will not start)

8.) Message box appear like below:

9.) Please press reset button of UltraProg hardware.

10.) Very quickly within 2 seconds click OK on message box, and wait for progress bar reach the end.

11.) All shall be ok after upgrade. :)

If you have trouble with firmware upgrade, please read user's manual 8.3

Manual is available after installation at 

C:\UltraProg\Documentation\2019.05.09. UltraProg User Manual V1.50.pdf here.

12.) Please report result, or any bug, problem etc. I'm interesting on any customer voice!